Friday, July 27, 2018

The Grand Prize Arrived Today!!!

The yarn I won from participating in and finishing the Tabouli sweater in Carol Feller’s sweater KAL 2018 came today.  Holy cow that was fast!!!  I’ve mailed stuff to Indiana that took longer to get there than this packaged did coming from Ireland. The color I picked is like a blue-ish black. It’s called Autumn Storm.  Carol taught a class on my knitting tour of Ireland.  The samples she brought to the class were amazing. She is an really really good teacher and I highly recommend joining in her future sweater KAL to up your knitting game.  I don’t know what I’m going to make out of her NUA yarn but it’s going to have to be something very special.  I foresee hours of looking for the “perfect” pattern on Ravelry....but that’s half the fun isn’t it :). I just recently learned you can do a pattern search for a sweater pattern by gauge.  so since already know what my gauge is for this yarn using the needle size I used for the Tabouli sweater, I may start my search there. I’ve done this with some yarns that were difficult to get gauge with other patterns (like the Blackwater Abbey yarn I made an Isabell Kraemer sweater out of) so instead of trying to swatch to match the pattern, I match the pattern to the swatch :)

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