Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Flying Monkey Shawlette

Bought my one and only (and probably last) gradient yarn.  They’re pretty but so limiting as to what you can do with them.  Just thought to keep it simple and do a basic triangle shawl just to use up the yarn.  This pattern is a freebie on Ravelry called Flying Monkey Shawlette.  Brainless knitting.  Yarn brand is Frejia hand dyed fingering weight purchased from a Massachusetts yarn shop while I endured listening to the shop owner’s political rantings about what liberal cause he was supporting with the sale of some yarn.  Note to self: Shop on line and dye my own yarns. :)


chrisknits said...

I hear you on the yarn, I see such lovely yarn, but then when I try to use it, yuck! But this shawl worked for your yarn I think.

Celtic Heart said...

Yuck is right LOL :). Sometimes we need to remind ourselves when we are in the yarn shop that it’s okay to look at the yarn and say “oh that’s very pretty” and then put it back on the shelf :).