Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Places That Accept Fabric Donations????

Okay I need to downsize the fabric stash.  I just don’t have the quilting mojo like I used to.  More than 32 years....I had a good run :).

I used to be crank out a quilt every month.  Just not feeling it and if I had to define myself, I’d say I’m more of a knitter now and just an occasional quilter. Knitting sure takes up less space. That’s for sure.

I contacted one Project Linus Chapter to see if they could use fabrics and so far no answer. Contacted another Project Linus just over the state line to see if they need fabrics and their answer is pending.

So I could use some ideas from the Blogosphere......What charities accept fabric (pretty much all 100% cottons) donations? Help!  I need ideas!!

I’d rather not yard sale it and deal with the crazies (Is it me or are yard sale groupies sort of looney?) I’d also rather not waste a lot of time setting up a yard sale only to sell 2 yards of fabric to the person who came to the front door at 6 a.m. when the yard sale starts at 8 a.m.

I listed some items on the local town Facebook yard sale page and it’s been a bag of mixed nuts.  When I listed a free love seat sleeper sofa, I had some nutjob in NY ask me if I’d deliver it to her.  I went to google maps and saw that it was a 7 1/2 hour trip one way to their town.  Yeah I’m not spending 15 hours on the road to deliver a free sofa :) How boring is your life if you live in NY and you’re following a yard sale FB page in New England?  Another nutjob wanted me to mail them something in CT.  Ya know like I’m Amazon Prime :).



chrisknits said...

If you have any pieces that are at least a yard and suitable for children's dresses, my sewing group does Little Dresses for Africa. We are also planning to do boys shorts which only need 1/2 yard pieces. I would be willing to pay the shipping costs to get it to us if you have anything that would work.

Celtic Heart said...

Chris one of the Project Linus chapters got back to me but sure I can send you some too :). Thanks :).