Thursday, May 3, 2018

Project Bag....Size Matters

Really liked the previous little wool bag I made but it was very small.....could hold one cake of yarn and one pair of circular needles with the project crammed into I played with the math and made a bigger one.  This one size wise is great....but I’m going to tweek the size of the floral top print a little.  I’m also playing with interfacing and stiffeners because if you enlarge the size of the wool piece ..... the bigger it gets, the floppier it gets and there’s nothing worse then a floppy project bag :).
I may add the handle later....right now the only piece of boning I have is too short.

I’m having a hard time finding nice ribbons or trims to use as draw strings.  Joann’s has a lot of bright white stuff and a couple of cream colored ones but not anything really interesting, primitive, country looking.  If anybody out there in Blogger world knows a good source for things like that, I’d appreciate the info.

Heading south tomorrow for Maryland Sheep and Wool weekend. Driving down with a friend and meeting up with some of my old “home girls” from when we lived in Maryland along with some friends I met on the Ireland trip.  I’ll take pics I’m sure.


chrisknits said...

Love the bag! Does the boning go in the channel at the top of the wool piece? Great idea for a more structured bag.

Celtic Heart said...

Chris the binding goes in the handle like in the smaller blue bag.