Sunday, May 20, 2018

Operation Down Size Continues

Operation Down Size continues.  Three years to go and then it will be a smaller house and a smaller life, less work and more fun and travel so I’m starting early and tossing :).

Took eleven jumbo heavy duty outdoor yard bags of unwanted clothing, household stuff, purses, shoes, etc to Salvation Army Super Store yesterday.  Basically I gave away 90% of my wardrobe. Thanks to 40 plus lbs. of weight loss, pretty much very little fits or if it does fit it’s so old and dated I don’t want to wear it.  If it required dry cleaning, I tossed it. If it required wearing a special bra to wear it, I tossed it.  Eventually I’ll get rid of all store bought sweaters and replace them with hand knit ones.  That is the dream anyway :). If it was shoes with more than a 1” heel I tossed them.  If it was something I ever wore to someone’s trial or parole hearing, I tossed it. :). I got rid of evening gowns and all the formal attire.  If it made me look like a milk maid, a lumber jack (thank you L.L. Bean), a rodeo barrel racer (thank you Tractor Supply), a Little House on the Prairie extra, like I crushed grapes in a vat for a living, was a candy striper or was married to a “made man” it was tossed.  If it was all black and made me look like Morticia Adams, it was tossed.  The muu muu I bought for the muu muu party, tossed.  Half a dozen flannel nightgowns...tossed.  The Bridget Jones enormous white panties were tossed.  No I did not pull a Hillary Clinton and attempt to donate my bloomers for a tax deduction.  The next move is on us and not a military or government move so at this point I’m thinking “do I want to find a box to pack this in to keep and move God knows where?”  Mostly the answers are no so .....tossed!!  I’m keeping nothing out of a sense of obligation to anyone. I owe nobody any reasons or explanations for what is or isn’t in my house.  When I give a gift, there are no strings attached. I expect gifts given to me to likewise have no strings attached.  If that’s upsetting to anyone, they can help our cause and put an end to this vicious circle and stop giving us gifts :). The next step is to list excess furniture on the free yardsale pages.  Giving away stuff is not as easy as I thought it would be even in New England where New Englanders pride themselves on being “frugal” (basically extremely cheap...seriously I’ve seen some things that I just couldn’t believe on how cheap people can be here).  Whatever anyone doesn’t want for free will make its way to the town dump.  The mission continues  :)

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