Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2018

So I made the 7 1/2 hour venture to Maryland for the Sheep and Wool Festival.  Stayed at the Comfort Suites on Fort Meade Army base.  Uneventful trip unless you count when I was detained by 4 policemen for driving up to the entrance gate of the NSA.  The base shut down one of gates on Sunday and not knowing my way around the base, I saw another set of gates nearby and thought maybe I could exit Fort Meade that way....ummmmmmmm no.  Oops my bad.  Very nice police men once they realized I wasn’t a threat to national security and just a lost knitter :)

Okay some thoughts on MD Sheep and Wool.  Way better than New York. The crowds on Saturday were large but bearable. Sundays crowd size was even more pleasant.  I haven’t been to MD Sheep and Wool in about 6 years and it has grown a lot!  Saturday we had to wait for quite some time in a 2 mile long line of stand still traffic from basically Rt. 32 to the parking lots of the festival.  I love watching how drivers act when trapped in gridlock.  It’s like they lose their minds.  Watched one woman who absolutely refused to let anyone merge in front of if letting just one car in front of her would have delayed her arrival at the festival by too much time. Irony?   She’s one of those loons with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on the back of her car :).  COEXIST unless you want to merge in my lane :).  The lines to get something to eat or use the ladies were a lot shorter than NY S&W too and if you were willing to use a portapotty, there were no lines at all.  I was!  All those plies in barre classes I could hover over a portapotty like a CH-53E helicopter.  No problem.  :)

Awesome vendors!  Lots of creative knitty inspiration! My head is spinning with ideas and wanting to start spinning again.  Also went to the “Needles Up” event on Friday. It was small but lovely.  I met one of my favorite podcasters (Denise from Earthtones Girl). As I was leaving Needles Up, I came across one of the ladies who went on the Ireland knitting tour with our tour group.  We were both stunned to see each other as she’s a West Coaster.  I organized a small reunion Saturday at the festival with several of the girls who went on that trip. It was great seeing everyone again and we all talked about the great memories we had of the trip to Ireland.  The general consensus...the Aran Island was the best.  Anyway more reunions are planned with these lovely talented ladies.

So honestly I didn’t buy much yarn.  I bought my first sock blank because it had Maryland Sheep and Wool 2018 stamped on it. So it was souvenier yarn and who can pass up souvenier yarn.  I got two skeins of Hedgehog Fiber’s yarn because I had yarn at home that would match and I could whip up two color shawls with both of them. And that was it for yarn.  Picked up a couple of gifties, two sweater patterns, a sheepy embroidered quilt pattern and temporary knitter’s tattoos for when I’m feeling particularly bad ass :).

Saturday I met up with some Maryland friends when we were stationed down there.  Sunday night got to have dinner with one of my long time besties :) So all in all a really good trip!


chrisknits said...

Those cuddling lambs are adorable! Lovely displays, that purple/cream shawl is interesting.

Celtic Heart said...

The pattern for the purple shawl is called “All About That Brioche”. It’s on Ravelry. There were so many gorgeous sweaters on head is spinning with ideas. :)