Monday, April 16, 2018

Yarn Dyeing Class

I signed up to take a yarn dyeing class at one of my favorite yarn shops (Mother of Purl) in Freeport, Maine.  The shop is about 2 1/2 hours from my house but it’s worth the ride.  Most of the yarn shops near me have gone out of business or they just don’t have interesting classes.  The local shops will have open knit where you pay to sit at a table and knit with other people and they have someone there to help you if you need help but I never need help so I don’t see the point of paying to knit.  That money could buy yarn :). Webs is about 2 hours from me and I keep an eye on their class schedule because they have some good classes and really good teachers there too. I attended a Nora Gaughan design lecture there once that was really interesting.  I’ll admit most of that design talk was over my head but it was fascinating to get into the head of a well known designer and I love the look of most of her stuff.  I also took a guernsey class there with Beth Brown Reinsel that was amazing!!  Beth is an fabulous teacher and I came away from that class learning a lot!!

So when I saw the yarn dyeing class I signed up.  I thought winter will be over by then so weather won’t be a problem.  What a fool :). I debated just getting up early and leaving for Maine the day of the class or going the night ahead of time.  Glad I went up the night ahead of time because Saturday night into Sunday morning we had more ice and sleet.  I also managed to pop into Camp Wool in Kennebunk on the way up and popped into Cottonweeds Quilt shop in Freeport Saturday evening before the Bruins game :). Woke up Sunday morning at the hotel and could hear people in the parking lot scraping ice off their windshields.  Thankfully once I got done scraping, I only had to drive less than 1/10 of a mile to the yarn shop. :). By the time the class was over, the roads were good....slicked up once I got back into Massachusetts and we’ve had more snow and ice last night too. I’ve got about 3” of global warming to shovel on the back deck :). All in all the timing of the crap weather was perfect :).

The class was wicked FUN.  I think I may have caught the yarn dyeing bug.  (Sure because you don’t see enough stunning yarn out there dyed by other people :)) The teacher Susan is co owner of the shop. Nice nice lady and she has her own yarn dyeing company Blue Moon.  I think I may even have a skein of her yarn in my stash.

So we learned watercolor effects and speckles.  I had no specific colors in mind really. The other students seemed to have a particular look they were going for.  I was just winging it :). We were going to dye 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn and I vaguely thought I might try for a grello :) Yellow and gray mix.  It didn’t turn out gray and yellow but I was happy with it anyway :). The lady next to me Kristen dyed STUNNING colors. I’ll post a pic of hers and mine. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. We’re following each other now in IG. :).

The class took a lot of the mystery of yarn dyeing away.  It’s not the rocket science I thought it might be. :).  Last night I found myself looking at yarn dyeing I need another textile fiber-y hobby? In two weeks a friend and I are going to Maryland Sheep and Wool and meeting up with some other knitty friends there including ladies that went on the Ireland knitting tour with me.  I may be paying attention to the yarn dyeing booths more than I have before :).

Happy knitting :)

So not Grello :)
Above is Kristn’s.  I love her middle yarn!!
These are mine.  The 3 inches of global warming and sleet and ice make a nice back drop :).   The middle one in the basket pictures is my favorite.  My first two were rather subdued compared to everyone else’s so I slathered more dye into the mix of the teal one :). I can’t wait to knit these up but I have no idea what I’m going to make out of them yet. :).


chrisknits said...

Lovely!!! I like that middle skein too, but the grelllo is gorgeous too!

Celtic Heart said...

Searching Ravelry for a one skein a pinch I could turn them into socks :)