Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ham, Egg and Cheese Ring

We have 5 chickens.  Four of them lay eggs.  We get four a day!  The fifth chicken is in henapause :). Was in the grocery store last week and saw the latest issue of Taste of Home brunch magazine and it had this really pretty ham, egg and cheese ring on the cover. First thing I did was look to see how many eggs it used. 10!!!  We have a winner.  I knew I had close to 35 eggs in the fridge :)

Made it this morning.  It was really good. Would make this for company but might make the scrabbled egg mixture the night before to speed things up.  I used a store brand (not Pillbury) crescent roll which turned out to be just a rectangular flat piece of triangles! :). Hello? :). Would spray the pizza pan with a non-stick spray even though the recipe says don’t grease the stuck in a couple of places.  Could use fresh pepper and onions instead of green onion and smoke peppers too.

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