Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stitches United

So my husband and I went to the Stitches United Show this Sunday.  It’s a combination quilt show and knitting show.  It was just okay.  You know something to do while we’re still waiting for winter to be officially over.  Next year it’s going to be in Georgia instead of Connecticut and that’s okay with me.  Attendance appeared to be really low.  We’re talking the extreme opposite end of the spectrum when compared to NY Sheep and Wool.  At NYS&W you couldn’t get into a booth with all the humanity packed in there.  At Stitches United for the most part I was the only one in any given booth.  I’m not sure why attendance is low.  It was like that last year when I went with friends.  It’s a lovely facility.  The vendor selection was okay even if some of the vendors were a little bit pushy and hovered over you the entire time you were in their booth.  I saw one nice display of a cowl necked long pullover sweater.  Asked the vendor where the pattern was for it but it turns out they’d rather sell you nothing if you aren’t willing to spend $230.00 on a sweater kit. So I bought nothing from that booth.  You know how at some of these big events you can’t even find a place to sit down to grab a bite to eat. This event you could sit at a table for 8 all by yourself.  No lines for food or bathrooms or to pay anywhere.  Two “pussy hats” were on display so we just walk right by those booths.  :)

My husband is a retired Marine (30 plus years in the Corps).  He still looks like a Marine.  He probably always will.  He’s your basic alpha male looking guy. Thank God because the skinny jean, man bun delicate looking alternatives in my opinion are not appealing.  After years of being stationed overseas without me, he is quite happy to go anywhere with me.  He actually likes going to these events with me and he’s a really good person for me to ask for second opinions on colors, pattern, etc.   I’ve trained him well :). I lost track of how many times a strange woman would come up to him and say things like “I bet you’re having a really wonderful time.” (Sarcasm) or “Hey aren’t you lost? Shouldn’t you be at the golf show next door?”  These idiot women just assume any man attending a fiber event is completely miserable and ready to slit their own throats in order to escape.  Profile much?  Leap to wrong conclusions often? It’s annoying and he’s too nice to say “Yes I like being with my wife. Why doesn’t your husband want to hang out with you?”  I’m half tempted to say “Yeah he doesn’t let me out of the house alone.  I can’t buy anything without his permission.  He also tells me who I can vote for which is why I didn’t vote for Hillary.” :)  So I’m thinking maybe the next knitting event we go to, I dress him up like Stephen West so these bimbo broads leave him the hell alone :).


chrisknits said...

I hate to hear attendance was so low. Did any of the Sheep and Wool vendors show there? Maybe it's the vendor list? Maybe the timing? My Hubster wouldn't want to go to a show such as this, but that's OK. I would assume any guy coming to a show like that was willing to be there, otherwise why come? Oh well, people will judge no matter what.

Celtic Heart said...

I’m not sure what it is with that show Chris. Now we did go on a Sunday this year so maybe that makes the difference? Not sure. A friend of mine is an indy dyer and she says vending there is not cheap so hopefully at the very least the vendors broke even. NY Sheep and Wool was such a blur to me. I couldn’t even name a vendor that was there. A bunch of friends and I are doing Maryland Sheep and Wool :) Yeah Road Trip!!!!