Sunday, March 4, 2018

Project bag and Tote

 Finished up a tote and project bag this weekend.  The tote is made out of Outlander themed fabric.  Originally I was going to make a quilt out of it but I didn’t have enough of the natural fabric that came with the collection so Plan B was to turn the squares into a tote.  I used a McCall’s pattern M5543. The only modification was I made the handles 5” longer.  I longarm quilted the exterior so there is an extra layer of oxnaburg fabric in my bag in addition to batting.

Below is a knitting project bag. I found the pattern at Cottonweeds Quilt shop in Freeport, Maine last week. Liked it because there isn’t a zipper in this one.  I’m terrible at sewing in zippers.  The pattern for this bag is Bella’s Project Bag by Midcoast Cottage Designs.  The bottom is lined with sew in foam.  This is the big version of the bag.  I’m currently working on the smaller version.  Picture soon.


chrisknits said...

Intersting closure on the knit bag. Lovely bags both!

Celtic Heart said...

I liked the closure too. So I make the thing and I can’t figure out why mine looks like total crap when I try to close it. I can’t go look at the sample in the quilt shop. It’s 2 hours away. So I ask an on line group I’m in if anyone made it and how did they close it. One of my long time knitting friends says she didn’t make this one but it closes like a “waterproof bag”. Well I don’t know what that is. Then she says two words to me and the light bulb goes off. “Coffee bag”!! Okay I know what that is :).