Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Paint Night

Went to one of those Paint Night bars tonight.  I’d been wanting to go to one of them for a while.  Today I got an email from one of the local paint bars that they were running a special so I went to check their schedule. The painting I really liked was on the calendar for tonight :) There was no Bruins game tonight so I figured what the heck, let’s go :). The only advice friends who had done this before gave me was “drink wine” and the painting will turn out great.  We had such a good time (only one glass of wine).  I have little to no artistic ability.  I can refinish and paint a dresser or help paint the dining room but that’s about it.  We were like two monkeys with a paint brush :). Mine is the multi-color llama and the husband’s is the orange one which he named Larry the Llama :)



Anonymous said...

Don’t tell him but I like yours better! Great colors!

Celtic Heart said...

Haha thanks :).