Friday, March 9, 2018

Andrea Mowry Sheltered Poncho

When a friend and I were at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, I saw this pattern made up in one of the booths.  Fortunately the sample was high on a shelf and I could see it from outside the booth and knew I just had to fight and claw my way into that booth LOL :). The lady let me try it on. Loved it and bought the kit. The yarn is Studio Donegal 2 ply from Ireland.  I found a source for the yarn in the US for additional projects. Loved the yarn. It blocks great and softens by a lot after the first soaking.

I wasn’t sure what size to make.  Oversized projects always do that to me.  I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a tent.  I ended up making the medium.  I did the cowl neck without the hood at first but it was really really wide on me so I ripped it out. After 3 tries, I came up with a turtleneck I really liked.  I reduced the number of stitches by about 1/3 on the initial neck stitch pickup.  I also had the stockinette stitch facing to the wrong side so it would flip out for the turtleneck and be showing on the right side when worn.  Started it sometime in February and even while working on other project managed to finish it in less than a month.


chrisknits said...

What a lovely poncho! I bet it will be nice and cozy.

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks Chris :).