Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Project Bag Fever

I’ve been watching a bunch of knitting podcasts and all these knitters seem to have project bags for all their projects.  I do to but I call them ‘Ziplocks.”  So I decided to make myself one.  I started with this one. Got the pattern on Etsy.  Good for small projects but I need some bigger ones for sweaters and my Cozy Memories Blanket.

Then a friend asked me to make her one and she’s a Walking Dead fan so I made her  basically the same bag but bigger.  I had stashed away some Walking Dead Charms for her to turn into stitch markers and progress keepers so I added a loop inside the bag to hold them.  The current issue of Quilts and More has a completely adorable project bag pattern.  I think they call it a lunch bag but it would totally work for knitting projects too.

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