Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Productive February

I’m getting tons of quilting done. Sort of lost the quilting mojo for a while but I’m getting it back.  Cranked out two UFO quilt projects this week and am hoping to get a third one done before the weekend.

The patriotic red, white and blue quilt is for my nephew in the Army.  USPS tracking says he’ll get it on Thursday :).  It is a “Periwinkle” pattern and I used Missouri Star’s periwinkle template and paper foundations to piece it.  Jenny the Missouri Star lady does awesome videos to support her products if you are a beginner quilter.

The second hexagon quilt I started who knows when and if I remember right it was done using a set of specialty rulers. The fabrics are mostly Jo Mortons and Civil War reproductions.  This quilt got put on the back burner for a while because initially I did some Baptist fan quilting on it but did not like how it looked. When I was taking out the quilting stitches (boy that’s fun isn’t it? :(), I put a hole in one of the hexagons so that block needed replacing and even more unstitching.  Anyway it’s done now :) Yeah :).

The third little thing I made is just another project bag for my knitting.


chrisknits said...

All of them are wonderful projects. Sorry for the trouble on the hexagon, but can't tell at all where the issue was.

Celtic Heart said...

Oh good. The Baptist fan quilting was not a good choice of quilting design on the hexies....so I had to unstitch it all (and there was like 15” worth all the way across the quilt. Then I put holes in one of the hexies and the original backing. I think once I put it through the wash all the bits of threads and the Baptist fan stitching holes will disappear completely.