Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Highland Shawl

I’ve made pattern three times before but gave them all away as gifts. This one matches a sweater I have so I’m keeping it :). Yarn is Mano Del Uruguay Gloria and the color is Hongos (which means fungus or mushroom in Spanish...just in case you were wondering :)).  I’m casting on another one tonight in purple for my purple loving sister in law.


chrisknits said...

Lovely! And casting on another already? It must be a great pattern.

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks Chris.....I’m trying the Andrea Mowry “Sheltered” poncho thingy. I bought the kit at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival and the lady let me try on the sample in a medium. It was a bit big but when I started making it in the small that didn’t seem right either. My gauge is a bit off too even dropping down a needle size...fingers crossed.