Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Another Highland Shawl

So now I have the points memorized finally :) I’ve made this pattern often enough, it was about time :). It’s taking me a lot less time to do now. Finished this one with 4 extra center repeats in less than 5 days.  Yarn is Northampton from Webs. It’s the left over yarn from the green sweater I made this past summer.  Giving it away to one of my FB friends on Thursday and it goes in the mail on Friday.  Now back to work on the Sheltered Poncho.  Hoping to have that done by the end of next week :)

Getting ready for a St. Paddy’s Day dinner the menu planning steps right now.  Maybe a small corned beef and cabbage to satisfy the traditionalists but I prefer to branch out to other Irish recipes......probably going to include the Fish Pie Recipe the chef at the South Aran House on the Aran Islands gave us on the was incredible.....and I never thought I’d like something named Fish Pie.

PS Found another fitness studio that has barre classes.  I’m hitting the barre scene three times a week now :).

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