Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Misc Yarny News

 Been busy using up single skeins to make hats and giving them away to friends.  This one is a free pattern called the Copy Cat CC Beanie.  Stores are selling this beanie called the Colorado Chick beanie and this lady came up with a pattern that looks just like it.  I dont’ know her name but her blog is called Clementine Knits & Crochets.  You can also find her pattern linked on Ravelry under the name Copy Cat or CC Beanie.  It’s worsted weight.  The brim is doubled and really warm over your ears.  This pattern is one of the best fitting hats I’ve ever made.  The pattern calls for a provisional cast on and then you fold it over and join the working stitches with the provisional stitches.  I didn’t have great luck doing that so I just made the brim the length called for and sewed it to the inside.  I made a mint green one out of leftover sweater yarn too.  I found some really cute small leather tags to sew on too. Got them from Etsy.  Like every other knitter around lately, I’m catching the pompom fever so I’m thinking of making a few with a faux fur pompom...not a yarn pompom.  So more snow today. Barre class was canceled.  Working on finishing Clue 3 of the Cozy Up with the Stitching Sisters mystery knit along.  It’s not something I can work on with a lot of activity going on around me so I thought I’d crank out as much as I could before watching the Bruins game tonight.  Hopefully they will beat the Habs again :)   

No real reason for the dog pictures.  Just showing off her new look. She was in desperate need of grooming but with the temps as low as they have been I tried to hold off getting her groomed.

The mail man delivered me some yarny goodness today...not that he had an easy time getting up the driveway. A Raveler was destashing some Blackwater Abbey new favorite sweater yarn. I made the last Isabell Kraemer sweater out of Blackwater Abbey and it is going to last forever.  I got it for $63 less than retail and she didn’t even charge me for shipping.  What a deal :). Now to find the perfect sweater pattern for this yarn :). 



Anonymous said... more little Wookie!

chrisknits said...

Adorable!! The pup, and the hats too. And the yarn, oh my goodness! I love Black Water Abbey!!!

Celtic Heart said...

OMgosh that yarn will take a beating too. I’m hard on sweaters. The purple one I made is turning into a pilly mess. Mollie just jumped up on me and put a little pull in the bottom fo the sweater too but I really think the last sweater I made out of the Blackwater Abbey will take some punishment. I’ve been wearing it a lot with recent cold front and it’s not pilling at all. I didn’t even care what color it was in...somebody was destashing and I was all over it :).