Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Had Your Fill Yet?

I rarely write very much on my blog other than what I'm making or made, the pattern I used and what yarn I used.  But today is one of those rare occasions when I have something to say and some of you won't like and quite honestly I'm okay with that.  

With all the "to do" in the quilting world this week caused by a well known quilter's video claiming she is the victim of bullying by a secret Facebook group of conservative quilters, I just thought I'd throw in my two cents on the subject. (And to answer the question before it is asked. I am not a member of the Facebook group in question.)

First of all I think the word "bullying"is being totally overused. It seems the minute you say something someone doesn't agree with you're brandished as a bully and everyone must go scampering to their "safe space" for cookies and milk.  "Bully"  has turned into another dog whistle word just like "racist".  Eventually it loses its meaning.  

Another well known quilter is claiming on her blog that she was bullied when in fact I think her claim falls more into the category of an unethical business arrangement when a friendship went south.  Sad if true but hardly bullying.  And if her claims are true, why not obtain a lawyer and rectify the situation?  

What I object to is the recent portrayal that it is only conservatives who say hateful things or "bully" and that liberals are so sweet and full of peace, love and understanding that sugar wouldn't melt in their collective mouths.  Hate is a two way street people.  I live in a completely liberal state (for now) and I don't have to look very far to see liberal bias, liberal hate and liberal intolerance.  

Where was the inclusivity and acceptance at the Women's March?  Conservative women's groups were forbidden to even be included as sponsors of that event.  So much for accepting differences.

The left tried to shut down the Hobby Lobby craft store chain due to the owner's deeply held religious beliefs. Where were the left wing crafters supporting Hobby Lobby's right to be different and not "bullied"?  

A local quilt museum is hosting a "resistance" quilting event.  The list of topics they want quilts to depict is basically a lengthy list of the left's current grievances.  Let's call this quilting event what it will really be. An Anti-Trump Anti-Conservative Anti-Republican Quilting Hate Festival. Attire:  Pink Pussy Hat optional.  I can only imagine what the raffle quilt will look like if there is one.  In the recruitment information there is a quilt depicting picture a snake coming out of President Trump's mouth.  When the Tea Party Movement was in full swing did this museum seek out quilts depicting conservative causes?  Rhetorical question only.  Of course the answer is no. Would a quilt depicting a "Make America Great Again" theme or a pro second amendment theme even make it through the jury selection process for this show?  I doubt it. And if it were, they'd better post a guard next to the quilt to prevent vandalism. I will never go to this museum again. Why pay money to support intolerance and hate? 

Two weeks ago I signed up for a beginner weaving class at a yarn shop.  Sounded like fun...not so much.  The weaving class was held on one side of the shop and there was an open knit group on the other side of the shop.  Basically the only thing dividing the two groups was a small set of cubicles displaying yarn and a couple of feet.  I paid $85.00 for the day long class.  I didn't realize that fee included being forced to listen to a table full of liberal Democrat hateful knitters dripping venom from every pore of their body as they bashed Republicans, Donald Trump, Donald Trump's family, Donald Trump's ex-wives, his young son, Donald Trump voters, etc. etc.......Due to their extreme arrogance, it never occurred to these oh so tolerant unhinged lefties that there might be other people in the shop who did not agree with them or that one of the people they were insulting ad nauseam was sitting a few feet away from them.  I know for a fact there were at least two of us there. I will never go to this shop again.  The inclusive creative environment the left screams about wasn't there. 

I attended a knitting class at a yarn shop that is now permanently closed.  No loss.  The owner asked me for my email address so she could put me into her customer data base.  At the time my email address was with Reagan.com.  She questioned the email address. Her eye brow shot up.  She asked me how to spell Reagan. When I said "like the President" she looked as if I stuffed a hand full of sour pickles down her throat and gave me a filthy look. Just another example of how the oh so tolerant left can get their knickers in a bunch over something as trivial as an email address that offends them.

So really let's not act like it's just the right side of the aisle that is intolerant.  There's more than enough hate and intolerance to go around and it didn't just start with Donald Trump being president.  The current and sometimes unbearable social atmosphere in this country is partially due to eight years of Obama slicing apart Americans by race, political leanings, sex, income, sexual orientation, religion and occupation.  It didn't just all of a sudden start the day Donald Trump was sworn into office.  

Disagree with any or all of the above, go have a cookie and make a quilt. :). At least I didn't charge you $85 to read it :)

Update: After reading one of the comments posted below I remembered another example of how "inclusive" the liberal creative community really isn't. Let's not forget how the unhinged left tried to completely destroy a woman-owned yarn shop in TN simply because she could not support the "pussy hat project". This is how they support another woman? Where was her right to be different? Where was all that inclusivity in the creative community? There was none. The left tried to destroy her and her business (and it backfired. Conservatives from all over the country came to her aid and supported her and her shop.) The left viciously attacked her on Yelp with fake negative reviews because if you are not a leftist then in their eyes you aren't allowed to be different or included and you must be destroyed. They attacked her on every form of social media they could find. This woman was bombarded with hateful phone calls. She received death threats because she refused to march lock step with liberals. Are you feeling the love from the left wing creative community yet? The hypocrisy is disgusting!

Talk about bullying!!! Please.

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Another Update:  Here's another example of "inclusivity" in the creative environment.  Last night (June 5th) the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Facebook page posted an article against building the border wall.  Always with a flair for the dramatic, they posted a quote from President Trump about building the wall next to the quote on the Statue of Liberty ("Give me your tired, your poor....." etc). The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival is not only against a border wall, they'd like to everyone to give every person that comes to the United States illegally or not a blanky.  They failed to mention that the Statue of Liberty is located in the same harbor and less than a mile away from Ellis Island where legal immigrants began their journey of becoming legal American citizens.  

After five negative comments about the post, the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival removed the post.  The fact is it never should have been posted but here in Massachusetts where liberal arrogance reigns supreme, it never occurred to whatever idiot is running the festival's Facebook page that there might be fiber artists that have a different opinion of the border wall or who at the very least prefer to keep politics out of the creative process.  At the rate the left is going, I'll be not only spinning and dyeing my own yarn but I'll be writing my own patterns too.