Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hockey and Knitting

Okay if it were me and it were the Bruins in the playoffs, that ticket would cost approx. $500 to $700 at least.  For that amount of money, I'd be dropping my knitting when the puck dropped.  At least knit in the team colors sistah!  :)

She has to be knitting with plastic (yuck) or maybe bamboo needles. I can't imagine metal needles making it through the metal detectors and the body cavity searches at TD Garden.  :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My First Attempt at Weaving

My First Attempt at Weaving

A friend and I took an introduction to weaving class at a somewhat local yarn and gift shop.  We learned on an Ashford 10" loom.  It was fun.  I probably won't remember how to set one up again without going on Youtube but it was not the rocket science I imagined it would be.  I used a brown Plymouth Donegal Tweed worsted weight for the warping threads and a Berroco Vintage variegated for the wefts.  I'm a sucker for fall colors.  Anyway it was fun.  I need another textile hobby like a hole in the head but the NHS&W festival is this weekend so maybe I'll price a table top loom.  10" seems very limiting but a 25" might be more practical.  My project isn't perfect (far from it) but I'm okay with it for a first crack at it.