Sunday, September 3, 2017

Second Ceilidh Sweater

Second Ceilidh Sweater

Finished this up a couple of weeks ago. I opted to not to do the pockets on this one and I added a faux garter strip down the center of the sleeves.  Yarn is Valley Yarn Superwash worsted. It was okay. I wouldn't use it again.    Pattern is in issue 21 of PomPom magazine and Ravelry. 


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chrisknits said...

Both sweater and shawl are lovely. Have had Celtic in my queue for too long, need to just make it.

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks Chris. I have another Celtic Myth in the works in fingering weight. I'm making it bigger than the pattern so I'm still figuring out what will be a good stitch count to stop at so that the cable fits. When you do it, color code your chart for front and back cables. Before I did that it was so slow moving and I thought I'd lose my mind :). I'm thinking a worsted weight would be totally comfy warm for winter TV watching too :).