Monday, August 7, 2017

More Canning

Pickled Summer Squash :)

A friend brought over a  big bucket of fresh peaches she picked from a neighbor's tree and we made Bourbon Peach Jam (that can be used as a topping for a plain cheese cake or in between layers of a layer cake) and Rosemary Peach Jam which can be used as a pork loin glaze.  

Bourbon Peach Jam
Peach Rosemary Jam

Then with the remaining peaches the next day I made a Peppered Peach Relish which can be used when stir frying chicken or vegetables.  It's a completely sticky mess to cook and I had to crack open the Goo Gone to clean the stove top after but it tasted pretty good.  


Anonymous said...

God you're ambitious!!

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks Anonymous :). I don't know there might be a thin line between ambition and insanity. Right now I'm looking at a ton of pickling cucumbers and zucchinis and thinking "ya know I can slice and freeze the zucs" :). The pickled summer squash is my favorite. I usually pair that up with something like a ham steak for dinner.