Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vermont Quilt Festival

Went to the Vermont Quilt Festival Yesterday.  It was good to be at a crowded quilt show again.  I've been to so many over the years where the shop owners are just sitting in empty booths or knitting to kill time in between customers.  This show as busy!  I saw at least 7 or 8 busses parked in the parking lot.  I was starting to think quilting was on the decline.  It was a mostly an older crowd.  Just something I noticed while sitting at the outdoor dining area.  I sat at a table with Canadian women speaking French.  I'm going to need to spend more time on my Duolingo app before I can understand what they were saying.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't "Gee I really wish I was eating Jenny Craig Ranch Snaps like that woman instead of this awesome giant burger and fries."   Maybe the younger women are more into knitting now and the hipster coffee shop knitting scene?   My favorite booth was "The Cottage Rose", a shop based in Iowa. Iowa sure produces some of the best quilters.  The quilts at the show were a nice mix of "artsy" and traditional.  I came home with some treasures and my head full of potential quilt ideas:) Hit the local quilt shop and a yarn shop in Williston on the way home :). Pulled into the driveway on fumes :). All in all a really fun day :) 

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