Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tuning Out the "Machines"

Pretty sick of the "machines" as Bill O'Reilly would call them.  Boy I miss him although watching him on his podcast and being one of his prime members fills the void.  Tucker is awesome but he's not "my Bill" :). 

Taking a break from the emails, the instant messages, the texting, etc.  It's a complete time suck and I'd rather be doing something productive.  The mission to downsize continues.  Getting tons done and doing what I want without all the interuptions and the pinging in the background.  What do you do when the unfollow option and turning off the notifications doesn't work on Facebook?  You know besides lose your mind sifting through the drivel?  It always occurs to the most annoying people too.  Good grief if someone posts more than 20 posts per day, it's time for an intervention.  

So I started this last night listening to Audible books. Compared to the Celtic Myths fingering weight version, the DK version is seriously cranking!  Something to bring on the trip to Ireland for the knitting tour.  Can't go looking like a rookie now :). Scotland in 2018!!!  Adorable progress marker is a tea and saucer collection done by my friend Faith (the new Marine Corps Mom).  She did a custom order for me.  Whatever your theme or interest, this girl can come up with awesome stitch markers and progress keepers.

The yarn is super soft.  It's Rowan Super Fine Merino in DK weight. I have to make a sweater out of this stuff.  The color is #146 Sky.  Living so close to Webs is a blessing and a curse :) 

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