Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Nonsense Continues

The Nonsense Continues

Well I guess there is another knitting publication, indy dyer, pattern designer and yarn shop to avoid.  My list of who to not to purchase from is getting quite lengthy.  Just last night I was looking for yarn for a shawl KAL and stumbled on some indy dyers whose yarn I liked.  But prior to spending my money, I like to do a little detective work.  Social media makes it so easy.   I check the yarn dyers Facebook profile and scroll through her pictures. I look for her on Ravelry and see what groups she's involved with and then I look for her on Instagram.  Sure enough the yarn I considered buying was dyed by a woman who wears a pink "pussy hat" in one of her Facebook profile pictures. She lives in New York City.  Shocker.  When they fly their freak flags so openly, it just makes it that much easier to find them and avoid them. Be proud liberals.  Wear those hats and keep flying those flags.

When will these unhinged liberals learn that politics and retail just don't mix. Another example:   Yesterday I picked up my last copy of Knit Wear Magazine and found this article featuring the "women's march" on page 120 of the Spring/Summer 2017 issue (yes that would be almost 4 months after the "event" so at this point isn't it really just old news).  The article features the "pussy hat" and the "women's march." Note:  It was a liberal women's march and a disgusting display show boating from what I can see is mostly mental illness (thank you Ashley Judd please seek help) and vulgarity (hysterical ranting women in vagina outfits and inarticulate signs dropping the F bomb).  The march certainly didn't represent my friends and I who found the entire display as laughable and embarrassing to my gender.  What's even more disgusting or maybe the correct word should be arrogant is did it ever occur to Knit Wear magazine that some of their readers would prefer not to see a political article in a knitting magazine? That's a rhetorical question but the answer is of course not. Liberal arrogance just assumes everybody feels as they do because they are the all knowing, all tolerant party that is until they hear something they don't agree with.  

If you'd like to see real women who made a real difference, visit the Women's Memorial honoring female veterans and their service to this country.  

A few photos to prove my point.  

If we lined all these women up along the southern border that would probably solve the illegal immigration problem.

Raising the next generation of vulgar and extreme.

Well at least she spelled all the words right.  They weren't this upset when the sex offender was president.  

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