Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Photography class assignment #2

Well I finally figured it out...a day late but I got it eventually.  I really do feel like a monkey with this camera sometimes. Did I mention the owner's manual is written in Spanish and the operating DVD is in Chinese?  You can't make this up.  :). 

We had to intentionally blur the foreground and have the background clear.  Next week's assignment is to shoot something moving fast. One shot needs to be clear and the other needs to show whatever is moving as a blur.  No auto settings can be used.  Wish me luck :) 


Anonymous said...

Love the multi color scarf!

Celtic Heart said...

Sure you do....it's my impressive photography skills that make it look extra pretty LOL :). Thank you. That is the Zick Zack pattern. I just used up leftover worsted weight yarn for that one. Here's the link to the free pattern :).


Anonymous said...

�� thanks for the link. Just finished a ripple baby afghan from leftover baby yarn. I love the way all the soft colors blended into each other. And yes...your photography skills DID enhance it!��