Thursday, February 16, 2017

St. Paddy's Day Leprechaun


After making the Jean Greenhowe Santa, I found this leprechaun on Ravelry.  I made him using leftover yarns from other projects.  I changed the pattern a bit.  I did crochet beard, made the arms and legs and body longer, used beaded eyes and did a French knot for the nose.  He's got filler beads in his arse to give him some weight and sit easier.  I attached the hat last because I used the top of his noggin to secure threads for his eyes, mouth and nose.  I also hid some secured under the back of his collar.  I also had to modify the buckle on his belt. I just could not get a decent buckle following the knitted instructions so I embroidered it on.  Here's the link to the pattern:

Blogger is still botched up and kicking me I'm typing what I need somewhere else and just copy pasting it here.  So far that's working out. Jeesh :)

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