Saturday, February 4, 2017

British Pullover

It took me approx. 4 weeks to make this. The pattern is Cheryl Oberle's British School Pullover from her Folk Vest book.  I used Rowan's Pure Wool DK Superwash. There was a problem with the pattern in the neck decrease area for the front.  Assistance from my FB knitting group and fifteen credits of college math algebra finally became useful.  

Notice the row of cables to the right of the V-neck.  That last cable looks too long.  The knitter stopped doing the cable-ing when she started running out of all the stitches needed to do the cable. What she could have done is do a 3 stitch cable.  It looks worse being long and nobody would have noticed if she cabled with one less stitch. That's a trick I learned from Judith Durant.  
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