Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chemo Recovery Quilt

My friend Sue is undergoing chemo.  I had a quilt in the works for another one of my Facebook give aways just to move the fabric out of the house but when she told me her diagnosis, I decided this one would be for her.  Sue worked at the police department with me so with the help of retired police department friends and current police department friends we made the quilt extra special by including the well wishes, prayers and warm thoughts of her friends.  

I mailed out 6 1/2" squares with instructions of what kind of pen to write with and included a self addressed stamped envelope.  One of my old co-workers rounded up Sue's friends at the department which was like herding kittens with all the shifts.

When I got the patches back, I put individual backs on them.  Then I appliqued fabric envelopes around the border of the back of the quilt and was able to fit two patches in each envelope.

A larger yellow envelope was used for a label.  The straggler blocks can fit in there too.  I mailed it to my friend Judy who delivered it to Sue last week. She just loved it :). Some of the pictures were taken at her house.  You can see she had all the patches out and was reading them. :). 


Sue Reeds said...

Love, love, love the quilt and appreciate all the effort put into it! Thank You! Sue

Celtic Heart said...

You little stinker. I didn't know you followed my blog :)