Thursday, May 19, 2016

Falling Leaf Boot Cuffs

Two more pair done!! Got two out of one skein Queensland Rustic Tweed Collection.  Pattern is Falling Leaf Boot Cuff from the Highland Knits Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander Series.  If you are a chart reader, it will go really fast.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Memory Bear from a One-Zie Outfit

Made this for a friend.  Her son died last year and this was one of his outfits when he was little.  She wanted me to turn it into a memory bear.  Totally nerve wrecking project because if I screwed it up there was no going back to buy more fabric and try again.   I based the bear on a pattern by Homespun At Heart patterns called Beary Patches (copyright 1995 so this one has been in my stash for a while.)  I wouldn't have had enough for a bigger bear. This little guy is only about 10" tall.  The only things I had to add to the project were the plastic eyes, the pompon, the brown muzzle furry fabric and the polyfil.  The nose is a metal covered button.  It took me longer to figure out what I wanted to do than to actually do it.  He goes in the mail tomorrow :) She's seen it already in pictures and she loves it :).