Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sheep Hat

I saw this made up at a yarn shop and just had to make it. Too cute!!  The pattern is in the book "60 Quick Baby Knits" using 220 Superwash from Cascade Yarns.  The Cascade yarns are great...the book not so much.  I don't recommend it to anyone especially a new knitter.  You'll just lose your mind thinking it's you making the mistake and it probably isn't you. Sure mistakes can happen in books but damn there are so many in this book.  Here's a link to some of the mistakes:

And this does not include the mistake in the hat pattern.  So if you like this hat, just do this.  Find a basic baby hat pattern free on Ravelry.  The sheep legs are just stranded using two different balls of brown yarn for each set of legs. The puffy stitch for the white is the trinity stitch or find another stitch that looks puffy.  Seed stitch would work or use a fuzzy furry yarn (they are everywhere at Christmas time) and it won't matter what stitch you do.  The ears to this pattern were too small.  I made up my own.  The tail was also too small.  Made up my own.  A mini pompon would work too.  The number of trinity repeats in the pattern was also wrong....unless your making a baby hat for a preemie baby Herman Munster or Frankenstein.

So lesson learned:  Check the internet for mistakes or corrections before buying a book.  Some publishers call it "errata"......sounds better than "list of boo boos" or "oh crap". :)

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