Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On a downsizing roll.....

I've discovered selling stuff via the town's Facebook yard sale pages.  In two days, I got rid of $100.00 worth of crap...oops did I say crap...I meant "treasures". :)  Priced to move it out :)  The antique oak desk I sold for more than I bought it for.  It was cute but just something getting in the way.....On a roll getting rid of gifts I never liked, used or wanted.  The wreath made some young woman happy.  Her mother is a Thomas Kincaid fan so she got that for 25% for what it was selling for on Ebay.  Enjoy and here ya go :) The best part is you don't waste a Saturday afternoon dragging all your crap....oops I meant merchandise....out into the driveway and having strange people showing up two hours before you ever wanted them there arguing that they want to buy everything you have to sell for five dollars.   

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