Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Maine Quilts 2016

The Maine Quilts quilt show was really nice this year.  The quilts were an amazing mix of antique, traditional, artsy and modern.  The vendors this year were really great too.  

We had a great long weekend up there. Besides the show we hit three yarn shops and the Cottonweeds Quilt shop.  I wish that shop was in my town.  Just adorable.  

Here are some pics of the quilts. 

The picture to this does not do it justice.  She somehow transferred a picture to the fabric and then embellished with silk ribbon embroidery. 
Well it would be a Maine Quilt show without one lobster :)
Absolutely gorgeous....she must have used every possible embroidery and embellishing technique known to man on this quilt.  
There was a special exhibit with a tribute to Fenway Park. 
This was made using the 'potholder' technique. The woman told us all the old quilts made using this method have been found in Maine.

Another exhibit featured antique quilts and their modern counterparts.  

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