Monday, July 11, 2016

Cranking out some quilts

My sewing, knitting and long arm machine are in the attic which was sort of half assed "finished" by the previous owners of this house.  We've seen some of their incredible half assed home "improvement" projects since we moved here.  The best was when they decided to add radiator heating to an unfinished bedroom they had two of their children sleeping in.  Our electrician described it as a fire waiting to happen. Some people should just know when to hire a guy. 

So back to the attic.....There is one one small window and a ceiling light/window, no heating or air conditioning really.  Winters are okay though, just put on a sweater and turn on the Amish heater but summers were brutal.  I'd just run up there, grab what I needed, forget longarming in July and August, and head back downstairs before passing out.  Fourth of July weekend the hubster put in a window air conditioning unit. It rocks.  I've been stash busting and quilting up a storm ever since.  Got these two done last week. 

The flag quit was a quilt give away I did among my Facebook friends. I just want to downsize the fabric stash before the next move.  I pulled a name out of a jar and my buddy Tim is getting the quilt.  He's prior Marine so the backing fabric is Marine Corps fabric.  He's in the process of moving to a second log cabin home.  That goes in the mail tomorrow.  The other quilt is a UFO made of blocks from a swap or something.  It was so long ago I don't remember where they came from.  

More quilts to be posted soon.  Loving Missouri Star patterns and templates. Have some cute Lori Holt quilts in the works. Fat Quarter Quilt Shop downloadable patterns :)

Happy quilting! Stay cool❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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