Saturday, April 16, 2016

Angora Bunny Cowl

We did a self guided quilt shop hop of quilt shops and two yarn shops in Western MA last weekend.  No crowds and more fun :). I bought this as a kit but the pattern with the kit was a little complicated and difficult to read the stitches behind the fuzz so I used another pattern.  The pattern I used is Simple Summer Cowl (free on Ravelry).  The yarn is 100% angora bunny from France called Absolu by Anny Blatt purchased at a yarn shop Colorful Stitches in the Berkshires.  The color is caviar. The feel is decadent :). I'm doing the pattern that came with this kit in a part merino wool part angora rabbit yarn.  It will fuzz up after a while but while doing it the stitches are very well defined so I'm staying on track with the pattern :). Pictures soon.  I can't imagine it taking me more than a couple of days to finish.  

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