Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dog Barrier

So this time next week, we'll have our second rescue dog in the house.  She's crate trained but until she's completely house broken, I'm keeping her out of any room with carpet especially the formal living room and family room. We just had new carpet put down in there not even 3 months ago.  We'd like to keep it looking new as long as we can. :). I have the baby gates blocking the formal living room (both entrances) and I can lean a baby gate in between the rails at the bottom of the steps that lead upstairs. The entrance to the family room was really really wide though and I couldn't find a gate to fit the space.  I didn't want anything permanently mounted or anything that would mess up the walls.  So I ordered to really wide pressure curtain rods and made modified "French" curtains to block off the space.  I used a home spun fabric so it would look the same on both sides and there wouldn't be a "wrong side".  The opening is 72 inches so I used 4 yards of fabric for the width.  For the height I just made it high enough to be a deterrent but low enough for me to be able to pop over it easy enough. (That's the nice way of saying I made it just under "crotch height" :)).  Now this probably would not work for really large dogs but since both of mine are small and under 8 lbs., I'm sure this will do the trick. Then when she's trained, the fabric gets tossed back into the pile of homespuns to go into a quilt.  Problem solved :). 

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