Saturday, January 23, 2016

Plant terrarium hanger

No it's not macrame :). 

Was scrolling through Pinterest and saw one made by Pam Powers.  Free pattern. Here's the link:

So instead of running the half dozen errands I had to do early....I did them later and took an hour to make this out of kitchen string I found in the kitchen junk drawer.  

I think my string was thicker than what the pattern called for because mine turned out too big for a little fish bowl size glass bowl I had.  I took the finished product to Michael's and it turned out mine fit a bigger round glass bowl with a flat bottom better.  I should have made my finishing strings longer because this will have to be hooked to something relatively low.  A friend really likes it and she lives in CA and could use it I'm mailing it to her.  I'll make another one in spring for me.  
This one is mine. 

This is the original bowl I was hoping it would fit.  It was too big for this one. 

This is the designer Pam's version.  Just too cute :). I may try again with thinner twin so I can hang a couple from a curtain rod in the kitchen sink window. 


SuZi D said...

If you do not want to hang it low you can always do like they did the macrame hangers and add a length of chain at the top. Very cute. Looks pretty easy and it sounds as if was fast.

Celtic Heart said...

It was fast. Every now and then good to step out of your comfort zone. And it is quite possible I made a mistake finishing it....very possible :).