Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Recipes for 2015

I'm behind in posting recipes.  Here's a collection of some of the things we made this Christmas. A dear friend who usually visits Christmas or New Year's is a real "foodie." We always have fun in the kitchen together.  It's like watching "The Odd Couple" cook.  I'm Oscar.  The carpet installation set me behind in cleaning, decorating and shopping and I was working overtime to get my Christmas act together so I put her in charge of the holiday menu.  It worked out so well, I think we should have this arrangement every year.  If you're reading this start working on next year's menu because  I'll probably be too busy decorating that 4th tree and stringing another set of twinkle lights in the guest room.  Bring sunglasses next year :) 
We made this monkey bread (recipe and picture below).  It turned out great.  Very "Cinnabon"-ish.  It would have probably turned out prettier but she informs me my Bundt pan is on the small side and things expanded A LOT overnight.  Christmas morning this was wonderful :). 

We did a little Christmas baking.  We made "Holiday Red Raspberry Chocholate Bars" from the Debbie Mumm "Old Fashioned Cookie's" cookbook using some of the raspberry jelly I made this summer.  

The only treat the husband requested was Rice Krispie snacks.  I used to mail them to him when he was deployed because they pretty much taste the same fresh as they do four weeks later.  But asking "foodies" to make Rice Krispie snacks is like asking Monet to paint a picket fence.  So we whipped out a batch of these.  
Christmas Eve we made Creamy Lemon Chicken Piccatta.  Really good. Here's the link to the recipe:
Christmas Eve we baked Brie en Croute, a Paul Deen recipe.  Here's the link:

Good thing a neighbor came over with a gift that included gourmet crackers because I totally forgot to get anything to put the Brie on.  

Christmas Eve we put together a French toast casserole for Christmas morning.  I haven't had good luck with those type of dishes before but this one turned out really good.  I found it in a Goose Berry Patch cookbook "Welcome Home For The Holidays". My chickens have slowed down a little bit laying after their molting season but they managed to crank out 8 for this so we avoided a trip to the grocery store :). 

Christmas Day we slathered with the Orange Ginger Zucchini Marmalade I made this summer on top the ham.  Actually we only slathered half the ham because we had plans for the other half of the ham that didn't need to be slathered.  
With all this food, we all took a 6 mile walk on Christmas Day along a rail trail. The weather was fantastic.  I love "global warming" :) 
The Monday after Christmas, I hosted a knitting girls luncheon. I made a dip using the carrot cake jam I made this summer.  (No recipe.  It's just a jar of carrot cake jam blended in with a large block of cream cheese).  Everyone liked it....especially the dog who while we were upstairs, jumped on a chair and helped herself to most of the dip.

I also served some of the homemade bruschetta I made this summer too :). That apparently didn't appeal to the dog :) 
I made mini ham/cheese/ and quinoa frittatas from the unslathered ham :). I can't remember where I found the recipe. Sorry.
And at some point over the holidays we made Parmesan roasted Asparagus but we didn't take a picture.  Barefoot Contessa Recipe on The Food Network.  Here's the link:

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