Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birthday socks

Birthday socks for a friend.  Going in the mail today.

The sock is generated from Sock Wizard Software.  The yarn is Online Super Socke and the color is Panama.  First project finished for the new year :). I'm getting the knack of how to get the socks to match although if it doesn't....who cares :). 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Elsa "Frozen" Cocktail

I like to make a special festive holiday cocktail for Christmas and New Year's. Chick drinks for when my home girls visit :). I pretty much pick them based on how pretty they are.  For one event it was the "Cherry Bomb" a pretty reddish pink.  This year I saw this on Pinterest.  The most difficult part was finding the blue raspberry vodka.  It probably would have been easier if I infused some of my backyard raspberries with plain regular vodka. Eventually the man at the liquor store found a bottle of blue raspberry vodka for me :). Ursula brand with polar bears on the label.   I wasn't sure exactly which "sour mix" to use because it comes in powder and liquid so I tried the powdered version. It worked.

2 oz. Blue Raspberry Vodka. 
1 oz. sour mix
1 oz. clear regular Vodka
Blue crushed candy canes (I used green)

Add a bunch of ice and blend.  

Top with crushed, preferably blue, candy cane and then "let it go, let it go" :) 



Monday, December 28, 2015

Elf Doll

Made this for my friend Maria for Christmas.  He's a limited edition.....#1 of 1 :). Very limited edition :). Pattern is from Cottonwood Designs.