Friday, December 4, 2015

Simply Vintage

Looking forward to my subscritpion of Simply Vintage magazine to get to my house. I hope it's soon.  It looks absolutely adorable.  I just got a thank you card and gift from the publishers to thank me for my subscription.  How classy is that :)  They sent me a box of Tulip Hiroshima applique needles. I almost bought them at a local quilt shop. Glad I didn't waste my money now :)  Working on a lot of Christmas stuff but I can't post pictures now. Will have to wait until after  Christmas so as not to ruin any surprises. Some of my friends are also my blog followers.  Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time! Waiting for the carpet guys to get here today to carpet two rooms and then this weekend kicking into high gear to get ready for Christmas and company!  I hope it's a white one :)

I made that? Really?

We went to my sister in law's for Thanksgiving.  She brought out a quilt that I made her.  I have no memory at all of making it.  :) That was before I had a blog and I never was very good at keeping track of what I gave away.  Honestly she could have told me she found it at a second hand store and I would not have been any wiser but I did put a label on the back.  Apparently I made it for her immediately after the first attack on U.S. soil by savage Islamic extremists on 9-11-2001.  I do remember making these patriotic Christmas decorations days after the attack on the World Trade Center.  Here's the link to those:

I can't believe my nephew still has the baseball quilt I made him back in 2003.  It's held up really well over the years and was one of the first I did when I first got my Gammill longarm machine.  Now he's serving in the Army doing what he can to keep us safe from deranged Islamic killers.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Socks

Another pair of Christmas Socks.  Knitting Fever Indulgence Yarn