Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quilt Show or Fiber Festival This Weekend.....easy decision :)

Yesterday I went to the Fiber Festival of New England. As usual, it was awesome. Besides the incredible vendors and samples they had displayed, the crowd showing up wearing their knitted wearables was so much fun to look at.  For a change, I remembered to wear something I made (the holey moley  scarf).  I even saw one of the vendors had one displayed too.  Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets had an absolutely gorgerous, fun and funky sweater displayed.  It's called the Water World Sweater.  See the picture below :)  (Yes I asked permission to take the photo.)   My friend told me that sweater is totally you and you should make it.  Well I bought the pattern and maybe after the holidays I'll take a crack at it :)  I didn't see it on Ravelry as a download but I'm sure if you like it, you could contact Ellyn and order it.

After the fiber festival, we at at a vegetarian restaurant (a first for me) and it was really good.  
Then we had to hit Webs, the yarn mega-store.  I could get lost in the backroom alone :)

I came home with so many really neat ideas for future projects and gifts.  I could have gone to a quilt show on Friday but I was just not into it.  I looked at the vendor list on line and it was only so so. I'm starting to think after 30 yrs. of quilting, there really isn't anything new out there in the quilt world.  Just the same old rehashed stuff.  I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest or foreign bloggers and not local quilt shops or quilt shows lately.  You get to a point where all you have to do is see a picture and you know you can do it without a pattern.  

I do like a French quilting magazine that just came out with an English version.  It's called "Simply Vintage".  A local quilt shop is getting it and if you sign up, she'll call you to let you know when she gets the magazine in but.............she's charging $20.00 over the subscription getting the subscription and saving myself $20, time and gas was a no brainer. 

Here are some pics from the Fiber Festival.  I'd go to one of these every weekend if I could :)

I ended up buying yarn in the Bruins and Nashville Predators colors, alpaca and merino blend sock yarn, small feet sock blockers, an awesome deal on Lamb's Pride bulky (for thrummed mittens for next year's Christmas gifts) and a little thingy called a Wristaff (more on that thingy in another post).  Next yarny events SPA weekend in Maine and Vogue in NYC.  :)