Friday, October 30, 2015

Tallman Turkey by Abbey Lane

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Just finished this little Butter Ball today.  The pattern is Tallman Turkey by Abbey Lane Designs.  He's pretty big....around 32 inches tall.  It's an old pattern copyright in 1999 so I had trouble finding some of the materials needed.  I couldn't find the Sugar Shaggy Felt or any other shaggy felt in a color that would work.  I managed to find something that would work in the home dec clearance section of Joann's.  Rather than make another trip to the store for the ribbing for the socks, I just knit a pair of leg warmer type stockings out of novelty yarn from Michael's.  The feathers called for stiff felt.  I couldn't find it on line or on Amazon.  Joann's only had it in a very limited number of colors so I ended up using regular felt that I stitched and fused to Peltex 72F Double Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer (again Joann's).  His feet are filled with sand and polymer beads.  The legs are dowels connected to a piece of wood that is the lower half of his body.  The hair is the same novelty yarn I used for the stockings.  All the rest of the fabrics were from my stash.  I made the "feathers" detachable by securing them with Velcro. I thought that might make it easier to store him.  My contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I'm not cooking this year :)  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christmas Socks

My first attempt at making matching socks.  I was doing good until I got to the toe.  It's a little off... but oh well it's a sock and goes in a shoe so no big deal.  I also reinforced the heel and dropped down 1/2 a size to do the heel and heel turn.  The yarn is Knitting Fever Indulgence from the luxury collection and it has a bit of cashmere in it which makes it very soft.   Pattern is just a basic vanilla sock with eye of partridge heel flat. 

"Frozen" Quilt

Frozen quilt I made using three different Frozen fabrics.  It's a birthday present for one of my favorite munchkins so I'm going to have to "let it go, let it go".  :)  One of fabrics was a panel that I cut apart.  Got the fabric at Joann's using a coupon.  Five dollars a yard you just can't beat.  Despite what the quilt snobs say, I found this fabric to be a really good quality.  I'd match it up to quilt shop fabrics.  I used a snowflake pantograph called "Winter White" by Dave Hudson.  I got it at Columbia River Quilting.  I buy a lot of my longarm supplies from them. Great company.  Pleasant and fast service.  Here's the link to the panto:

Nashville Predators Jewelry Box

This is for my sister in law in TN.  Her birthday isn't until November but by November I'll be up to my eye balls in doing Christmas gifts including one for her so we moved her birthday to the start of hockey season when her Preds hit the ice.   Then I'm hoping to have her Christmas present done by Thanksgiving when I see her so I don't have to mail it.  For Christmas she gets nothing but she's cool with that. Somebody draw me a schematic so I can keep track of who is getting what when :)

Nashville Socks

Got the yarn on Etsy from an indy dyer.  Preds colors for my misguided sister in law.  :) Just kidding..I know you're reading this.  ;)  I had to wait till you got your gifties in the mail before I posted this.  Happy early birthday.

Pattern was generated by Sock Wizard software.  

Here she is at Bridgestone area tonight wearing them to the game :)