Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cutest Dog Ever :)

Okay some people just shouldn't be allowed into Petco before Halloween :)  She is just so dog gone cute :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Brioche Knit Scarf

Super easy brainless scarf and it's reversible.  Cascade Yarn Hand Dyed Jewel
Cast on 27.
YO, Slip as if to purl, knit 2 together.

Yep that it the entire pattern.


Done Canning

My OCD (Obsessive Canning Disorder) is cured.  I'm done.  I looked at the last Tupperware of frozen berries and thought I could can it....or chuck them in a smoothie or make some homemade icecream out of it.  I chose the later.  Putting the remaining jars and all the canning paraphernalia away until next year and doing some serious deep cleaning in this kitchen.  I can't remember when I cooked a decent meal last (that wasn't on the BBQ).  The other night I used the Asian Plum Sauce with the Lean Cuisine Thai Egg Rolls for dinner.  Very Classy :)  Almost makes you forget it's out of a box....not :)  Now I just need to brace myself for another OCD...Obsessive Christmas Disorder.  I'm already getting subtle hints of who wants what knitted or quilted.  I'm on it :) 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blackberry Liqueur Syrup

Two batch day.....Getting happy that I'm almost done for the season.  My kitchen floor is destroyed.  I'm literally sticking to the floor in front of the stove.  So the second batch for today was this Blackberry Liqeur Syrup.  The recipe is in the big Ball canning book but I also found it at this link too for you:

I read that it's good as a topper on lemon sherbert or it's what fancy nouveau cuisine restaurants swirl on the plate before they plop a two inch piece of cake on top of it :) Those places always make me wonder did something fall off my plate on the way out from the kitchen. :)  It's very pretty but really I couldn't eat another half inch :) 

One more batch of mixed berry something to make and then I'm done...I'll sit down and wait...I have a floor to unstick.  

Carrot Cake Jam

When we went camping with friends in Vermont we popped into Quechee Gorge Village.  We sampled this Carrot Cake Potlicker Jam mixed with cream cheese as a pretzel dip.  It was really when I got home, I looked for a recipe and compared the ingredients to what was in ther Vermont Crafted jar.  The Vermont company added brown sugard in addition to the white, coconut and raisin.  I left those ingredients out but the recipe I used is really good too.  Here is the link: