Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Fall pair of socks

Fall is here.  My most favorite time of year.  I finished these last night.  I used Sock Wizard software for a custom sized pattern.  The yarn is Knitting Fever Indulgence sock yarn that I bought at Mother of Purl Quilt Shop in Maine.  Absolutely love this yarn but unfortunately it's discontinued.  I only have one ball of it left.....I'll knit slowly to make it last longer :)  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blackberry Chipotle Glaze

Today I used up a ton of backyard blackberries that I had washed and put in the freezer until I got to them.  I made Blackberry Chipotle Glaze.  Here's the recipe:

The most time consuming part was shoving the puree through a strainer.  You lose a lot of pulp.  In the end the recipe is really really good.  Still have around 2 gallons of berries to do something with.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Raspberry Pie Fillling

I'm winding down with the canning. Yesterday we hauled approx. 191 jars down to the basement and put them on the shelves.  Some of the stuff has to be kept in the fridge.  I can see the dining room table again :) 

I only have approximately 3 gallons of raspberries and blackberries in the freezer to do something with.  There's also a bag of shredded zucs that I can use to make zuc bread when the weather gets a little cooler.  Yesterday I made 4 jars of raspberry pie filling. For the first time I used a product called "Clear Jel" which gives the raspberries the pie filling consistency. It turned out good. The recipe suggests a 1" head space.  I did that and the jar overflowed and didn't seal the first time.  I had to take out more and reboil.  Then it sealed fine.  A friend also told me about another website with canning recipes.  Here's the link:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ribbed Fan Scarf

Tuesday after Labor Day...I guess summer is officially over.  I finished this yesterday.   A little bit bummed how this one turned out.  It's 100% wool and even though I wet blocked it, the thing still wants to roll into a tube. :( I grafted the two scarf ends together in the middle. Never did that before and it turned out really really good.  You can hardly see the grafting but the rolling is the pits.  Oh well moving on to another project...just happy I learned how to do the grafting. Oh this pattern is from the book "Knit Ponchos Wraps & Scarves" by Jane Davis and it is called "Fanned Rib Scarf".  The picture is the book is of a beautiful baby blue scarf....really really pretty.