Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kevin Dundon's Puff Pastry Potato Pie

So the above picture is what it is suppose to look like in the cookbook .......and the bottom is mine...the only thing missing is the 'puff'.  I've tried making things before using puff pastry and mine never puffs.  I'm puffless :( Puff Deficient.....And I put too much egg wash on the top...but when you generally always have 50 plus eggs in the refrigerator you tend to be overly generous with eggs in everything.  Here's the recipe:

Some should have stoppped me......

So while I was on the knitting weekend with the girls, I thought I'd finish up a project or two.  I brought the Nashville Predators scarf for another one of my misguided Southern relatives. (hee hee you know who...I know you're reading this :))  So for two nights, we'd be knitting and chatting and knitting some more and well I probably should have been paying more attention....because when I got home, I discovered the damn thing was more than 120" long.  Omgosh!!!!  I mean it's so long the camera can't even focus on the far end of the damn thing and the poor dog is probably thinking please God don't let her put this thing on me.  
So I have never done this before but I decided to cut off the excess and just hope I cut off at the right end.  I did.  Whew. 
But I cut too much know this is a nightmare right? But I wouldn't want to be one of those people who only posts their good projects....I think we should share the nightmares too :)).....I put it back on the needles and I have one more round of the royal blue and gold to do...and then it will be done.  Oh two of these scarves did not use up all the Preds yarn.  I see hats in my future. Ugh. :)  Before I forget to mention.....Go Bruins!

Belted Cowl With Button

Spent a wonderful weekend away with knitting friends.  We accidentally stumbled upon the Patternworks Tent Sale.  Unbelieveable and insane. The yarn prices were incredible.  We stayed at my friend's cabin on the lake and had two gorgeous days.
Saturday night we went to the Ravelry Reverly on Squam Lake.
Sunday on the way home, we popped into Inspire 2 Knit & Tea yarn and tea shop.  They had this adorable sample with a free pattern in the shop and I just had to make it.   (See Cream Colored Cowl below)
I finished mine last night.  I just need a button. I think it needs to be blue.  

Raised Garden Bed

I got a little too carried away in the garden shop when I was buying veggie plants.  I ran out of raised bed garden area before I ran out of plants.  So I saw this idea on Pinterest (so how could I go wrong ;)) and did this with the remaining eggplants and pickling cucumbers.  I probably have too many plants in there but we'll see what happens.
I bought too many veggie plants this year.  I get into those garden shops and just forget how big my raised bed gardens I found this idea on Pinterest.  If it's on Pinterest it must work..right??? :))   Filled the lower layer with about 5 inches of compost and then added 4 bags of top soil and potting mix.  I probably stuffed it way too much with plants but it was better than tossing them out...We'll see what happens :)  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Civil War Reproduction Scrap Quilt

Made this using the Missouri Star Whacky Web template and papers.  Super easy, super quick and I went through a ton off my Civil War Repros.  I plan on doing this pattern again.
Finished this one.  Made using the Missouri Star Whacky Web ruler and papers. Super easy and fast.  Used up tons of my Civil War Reproductions fabrics...had to buy a couple more light ones. I thought I had more of those than I actually did.  Would definitely make this one again using different fabrics.