Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cranachan Recipe

My sister in law and I are big fans of the Outlander series and tonight is the season one finale.  She gave me a Scottish dessert recipe ffor Cranachan. It uses 2 T. of honey and 2 T. of whiskey.  She's making it too down at her house.  

Here's the recipe:

I was going to make a chicken and mushroom pie also a Scottish recipe but our kitchen is in the middle of getting all the appliances that can wait for another day.
 P.S.  Made it....and ....umm......not good.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe I did something wrong.  Maybe I under-whipped it?  Over-whipped it?  Or maybe I should have just used Cool Whip?  But definitely prettier than it tastes.  

Pine Apple Salsa

Note to self:  If you take a picture of food on a glass plate, it just looks like you just plopped the food on the dining room table :)  Ooops. 2 cups of fresh pineapple (but you could use from a can), 2 T. mint (from my garden), 1 T. peeled minced fresh ginger (I used 1/4 t. from a jar), 1 T. lime juice and a seeded and minced jalapeno pepper.   It was a Weight Watcher Recipe...served with 1/4 lb. of grilled ham steak=4 pts.  The pineapple salsa would be something more interesting to bring to a summer pot luck than macaroni or potato salad.  

More raspberries.........

Still working on last year's raspberries from the property.  I can't really call it my garden because I had absolutely nothing to do with them being there.  14 half pints of Sundae In a Jar.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Linen Stitch Scarf

Cast on 450 stitches ............. What?????????  But I really liked the store sample so here I go....It's a linen stitch scarf using Koigu merino.  I'm already thinking Christmas.  I was at the Patternworks yarn shop in NH yesterday and they had a lovely sample in the shop.  It was this linen stitch scarf in a very  subtle mauve color.  The drape was NICE!!! The whole thing was just beautiful. So I went with the subtle look.  I bought a semi-solid gray, another with a denim blue combintion and a third that pulled together a gray, brown and denim blue. The lady in the shop said she did one in completely unrelated colors and it turned out beautiful. A great idea for using up those bits and pieces of left over sock yarns. I'm giving it a try in these three colors. I did only 6 rows while I watched/listened to the Bolts-Rangers game last night.  Might as well watch hockey while I boys have been on the golf course for weeks now :(  Did I mention 450 stitches in one row?  The pattern is tedious and semi-brainless but I love the woven look.  What I'm wondering is this......If every row starts with a loose tail and ends with a loose tail on circular we really need the purl row or could some how the knit rows be modified to give the same look?  I know I've only done 6 rows and I'm already looking for an easier way to do this...but did I mention 450 stitches :)