Friday, May 8, 2015


Sad day in our house yesterday.  We had to put  one of our dogs down.  She was a rescue (of course...they are the best).  In May of 2000, I found her at the local shelter covered with mange and wearing a little scarf. Surrounded by pedigrees, I thought if I don't take her, she'll be put to sleep by the end of the business day.  She was a complete sweet heart from day one (picture above).   Fifteen years later she was still a sweet heart.  She had a lot of travel miles.  She'd been on countless camping trips and vacations.  She spent a couple of holidays at the police station I worked in, lived on both coasts and in four of our last homes.  She started going blind at the age off four but somehow learned how to get around every single place we lived. Toward the end, she was an incredible amount of work but worth it.  So now we just have our Zoey (another rescue) who can best be described as a pistol or a piece of work.  :)  Life goes on but we have our memories :)