Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nashville Predators Scarf for my sister in law

Finished the first one :)  Used a brioche stitch because it's reversible.  It's approx. 75" long.  I did approx. 4" of the yellow and blue and approx. 2 inches of the white. There is a bit of weaving in of all the ends that I hope aren't too visible.  This one goes to my sister in law.   Probably to warm to be wearing in TN at this time of year but she can wear it next year.   Bought the Preds emblem thinking I'd put it on the end of the scarf but it doesn't look good so I have a few other ideas rolling around in my noggin on what to do with that.   All the yarn is Cascade 220 100% wool.  I may block it because I love blocking :) Go Bruins!!   Yes our snow is finally gone :)