Friday, December 4, 2015

I made that? Really?

We went to my sister in law's for Thanksgiving.  She brought out a quilt that I made her.  I have no memory at all of making it.  :) That was before I had a blog and I never was very good at keeping track of what I gave away.  Honestly she could have told me she found it at a second hand store and I would not have been any wiser but I did put a label on the back.  Apparently I made it for her immediately after the first attack on U.S. soil by savage Islamic extremists on 9-11-2001.  I do remember making these patriotic Christmas decorations days after the attack on the World Trade Center.  Here's the link to those:

I can't believe my nephew still has the baseball quilt I made him back in 2003.  It's held up really well over the years and was one of the first I did when I first got my Gammill longarm machine.  Now he's serving in the Army doing what he can to keep us safe from deranged Islamic killers.  

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