Friday, October 30, 2015

Tallman Turkey by Abbey Lane

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Just finished this little Butter Ball today.  The pattern is Tallman Turkey by Abbey Lane Designs.  He's pretty big....around 32 inches tall.  It's an old pattern copyright in 1999 so I had trouble finding some of the materials needed.  I couldn't find the Sugar Shaggy Felt or any other shaggy felt in a color that would work.  I managed to find something that would work in the home dec clearance section of Joann's.  Rather than make another trip to the store for the ribbing for the socks, I just knit a pair of leg warmer type stockings out of novelty yarn from Michael's.  The feathers called for stiff felt.  I couldn't find it on line or on Amazon.  Joann's only had it in a very limited number of colors so I ended up using regular felt that I stitched and fused to Peltex 72F Double Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer (again Joann's).  His feet are filled with sand and polymer beads.  The legs are dowels connected to a piece of wood that is the lower half of his body.  The hair is the same novelty yarn I used for the stockings.  All the rest of the fabrics were from my stash.  I made the "feathers" detachable by securing them with Velcro. I thought that might make it easier to store him.  My contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I'm not cooking this year :)  

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