Saturday, September 5, 2015

Plum Rum Nutty Conserve

Still got plums.....I think they are multiplying like gremlins.  This was the second batch from yesterday.  Plum Rum Nutty Conserve.  Here's the recipe link:  Still have enough plums to do two more recipes...but honestly this plum stuff is all starting to taste and look the same to me.  Next on the agenda are the three bags of raspberries and blackberries I picked, washed, dried and froze to do something with at a later time.  Found an interesting recipe for Raspberry Pie Filling and Blackberries in Framboise.  Last weekend I used a small jar of apple preserves my friend Renee and I made (two years ago) in a puff pastry for an easy breakfast pastry.  Here's the recipe for the Plum Rum Nutty Conserve:

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